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Media Services


Raw-News is an open and independent news agency that operates around the world, producing and distributing original journalistic video contents…

from the field to the global audience.

Video Agency -

Raw-News is an independent video-news network that connects broadcasters with freelance cameramen and producers around the world. This creates a unique opportunity for news desks to immediately access and publish original video content.
We provide raw footage from locations uncovered by most news organizations.   More info...



Field Production-

In a breaking news environment or even in a documentary production, the quality of shooting and the speed of editing and transmission makes all the difference. Arriving first at the story does not guarantee being the first on screen. Our crew have the skills to offer you a unique field environment work-flow. They can shoot, edit, and transmit from the field. Giving you the best, both in quality and speed.  More info...

Live Streaming -

Raw News has build an exceptional Live streaming setup, your reporters have now the chance to go live from almost anywhere with a dedicated streaming Live system, just using 4G, Bgan or any other internet connection available on the ground. Raw-News bases its technology on the latest video web transmission systems to produce and deliver the most accurate video feeds, directly from field to the broadcast centre - on deadline.    More info...