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On the field


Our qualified multi-skilled cameramen can help your team in the field. On hard news assignments, they work as a “one man crew”: shooting, editing in the field , encoding and then feeding the pieces, directly to your ftp server or through the Raw-News system. When shooting documentaries, they have the time to further demonstrate their craft, using years of experience of camerawork and lighting, to focus and emphasize the heart of the story.

- Shooting: on DV, HDV, HD format.

Double camera recording system: Tape and a camera-mounted Hard drive/flash cards.

- Editing: Finalcut pro editing software on the latest MacBook Pro laptop for a complete edit directly in the field, with no tape acquisition time required, thanks to the camera mounted hard disk or the flash cards recording system.

- Encoding:  Video compression through the highest-quality broadcast video codecs. 

- Transmission: Sending the final master through a Bgan or any web access point, to your FTP server or to our Raw-News server.

- On the Raw-News server:  A low-resolution preview will be automatically created and this link will be sent, via e-mail, to your  broadcast center for your viewing. A high-quality version of this item can then be downloaded from any web browser.

- Finalizing: The video-file can be ingested on your professional edit suite, and is ready for broadcast.




Raw News operates globally but is headquartered in London and in Rome, where the fully equipped edit suite is located. Raw News' innovative FTP solutions, effectively make this suite a "roving post house". Both HD Pal and NTSC equipment are available. Raw News' technical kits include a full range of lighting and audio solutions.


- HD - Pal/Ntsc cameras
- Full lights and accessories kits
- Complete audio recording field system.
- Underwater HD camera housing
- infrared HD shooting
- Gopro cameras


-  MacBook Pro computers with Final Cut Pro, and FTP encoding and transmission software

- A new Final cut Studio in the center of Rome, completed of two 27 inch high resolution video monitor, and mastering recording.

FTP and video streaming server:

- On the Raw-News remote server : A dedicated FTP base station and support on the Raw-News transmission system. Live streaming facilities based on live mobile positions, 4g/3g systems or Bgan Hughes 9201 for video transmission for those places where no internet connection is available.



For crew booking and info please contact our desk at:

tel: +39 0692956703