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Video News Agency Introduction

Raw-News is an independent video News Agency network that connects freelancers to broadcasters and creates opportunities and technological infrastructure for the news channels to access and publish journalistic original video contents.

Video News Agency production

We produce Video-News and Feature-Stories releases, independently covered by our network of field reporters. Our editorial desk selects, verifies, and reviews all the proposals that are later delivered to Your desk.

Along with our producers, we work on stories that have significant international broadcasting value, which have either been commissioned by the client, or proposed by us through our own pitches.

Raw-News avails itself of the latest and modern technologies both for the production and distribution of video news and live streaming of events.


Video Releases + PTC & VOT

We offer coverage of major events by deploying one of our one-man-band cameraman and a producer on the field.

We package “rushes and sots” ready to be delivered to our clients, and as an added value we can shoot and include on your dedicated slot a Stand-Up (Piece to Camera - PTC) and a Voice Track ( VoT) in order to feature the Journalist on location, with the benefit of a professional service at reduced costs.

The price of our service may vary according to the story value, location, and exclusivity. Feel free to ask us about our different options or suggest your interest on specific stories, and we will plan coverage on the field according to your suggestions.


For booking and info please contact our desk at:

tel: +39 0692956703