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Italian enterprises, struggling for cash
The Italians entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with their payments. According to latest data, at least 47 thousands companies have been unable to fulfil prompt payments in 2012: not a big figure compared to the total number of the monitored firms (around 2 million), but a 45% increase compared to 2007, the last year before the crisis.
Crisis, wave of suicides and desperate acts among entrepreneurs
Hit hard by the crisis, small entrepreneurs in Italy often face a double drama: economic and psychological. In the last four years a growing number of small-and-medium businessmen have been committing suicide, especially in Lombardia and Veneto, the two most productive regions of the country. Many are still on the verge of collapse.
Centre-left leader empowered to form Italy's new government
The centre-left coalition's leader, Pier Luigi Bersani, has been given mandate to form the new Italian government on Friday, a month after political election that gave no clear winner.