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“Mafia Capitale“ arrests leads to neglect of the Capital’s Roma camps.

The Castel Romano Roma camp is one of the largest of the Capital. After the management was found involved in the corruption scandal named Mafia Capitale and removed from office in 2014, its 1,200 inhabitants were completely abandoned by the authorities. Ines Maggio is a social worker who spent years working in the camp but, since the arrest of the Camp managers, lost her job along the other social workers and as a consequence, hundreds of Roma families live in a state of abandon and neglect without water, electricity or any sort of health assistance.  Even without any authorisation, Ines returns almost every week to the camp to visit the kids and bring some help to the families. She remains the sole support that the Roma families can get from the outside community. 

Video information
Produced by Malou Visco Comandini
Directed by Christian Mantuano
Video Language it
Produced Nov 06, 2015
Published Nov 07, 2015
Production Company Raw News
Distributor Raw News

Full Description


Ines Maggio has worked as a care worker in the Castel Romano roma camp for years but lost her job after the camp's management was found involved in the Mafia Capitale scandal and removed from office in 2014.
During her work years she built strong relationships with the roma residents so she keeps visiting the camp as a volunteer. When she arrives many adults and children warmly welcome her.
She says she comes back even if she does not get paid because she can’t accept that more than a thousand people live in such poor conditions.
The camp is left in an evident state of neglect with hundreds of families living without water, electricity or any sort of health assistance. A resident says they feel like animals in cages, living completely isolated from Italians.

In 2014 the italian police revealed the extent of a new mafia-style system of corruption that's been operating inside Rome's public institutions and administration for years. The criminal network used connections inside City Hall to rig public services contracts and steal hundreds of millions from the public purse. The most affected areas are the immigrants reception system and Roma camps management. The two leaders of the criminal gang were Salvatore Buzzi, already jailed in 1980 for the assassination of an accomplice and former manager of the Castel Romano Roma camp, and Massimo Carminati, nicknamed "the pirate" after he lost one eye in a shootout with police in 1981.
Riccardo Nuti, an anti-mafia commission member says the investigation showed how lucrative the immigrants business was and, explaining “Mafia Capitale”, which included businessmen and politicians, said it didn’t belong to the left or right wing, but was part of one big criminal network.

After the investigation unearthed evidenced of the corruption system of Rome's public services contracts, many structures like the roma camp in Castel Romano have been left without any management. Ines keeps volunteering for the people she has been taking care of for years but one of the main camp of Rome remains in a state of total neglect and abandon.



0.00 - 0.12 Ines enters the roma camp and the children welcome her

0.13 - 0.29 Various shot of the roma camp

0.30 - 0.49 Ines meets the roma families

0.50 - 1.27 SOT Italian: Ines Maggio, social worker
"There are few resources and too many needs here. Most part of the residents are children and there is need for vaccinations and preventive health care. Here the living conditions are not optimal. I feel it, I know everyone here and I can not accept that more than a thousand people live in a state of neglect"

1.28 - 1.34 An old roma lady lights up a fire in the street

1.35 - 2.03 Various shot of of the roma camp left in poor sanitary and security conditions

2.04 - 2.07 Ines speaks with the camp's residents

2.08 - 2.50 SOT Italian, Roma camp resident
"Here we are isolated, we are like animals in a cage, completely isolated from the Italian people. We have no social assistance, nor the elderly or the children do. Some old people here do not even have water to drink, we have to go and buy some not to let them die in their own places. We do not have subsidies, we have nothing and we do not know what do"

2.51 - 2.56 Footage released by Carabinieri showing Salvatore Buzzi on a wiretapped phone call
Voice Grab -  italian with  italian subtitle:
"Do you have an idea of how much I earn from the immigrants business? It is more lucrative than drug trafficking!"

2.57 - 3.02 Footage released by Carabinieri showing an illicit money exchange

3.03 - 3.15 Footage released by Carabinieri showing the arrest of Massimo Carminati

3.16 - 3.21 Close up still of Massimo Carminati

3.22 - 3.37 Various shot of Rome City Hall Campidoglio  

3.38 - 3.48 set up shot of Riccardo Nuti, Anti-mafia commission member

3.49 - 4:01 SOT Italian Riccardo Nuti, Anti-Mafia Commission member
"with the investigation Mafia Capitale it turned out the "business of immigrants" which involves political parties of both the right and the left wing. Actually the politicians  pretend to be from the right or left wing but they are part of the same criminal organization"

4.02 - 4.09 Various shot of the roma camp

4.09 - 4.23 SOT Italian, Ines Maggio, social worker
"I know many people since they were born and now they have started a family, so I come to visit them and see how their life is changing in the years.."

4.24 - 4.27 Ines playing with roma kids

4.28 - 4.32 Ines leaving the camp

4.33 - 4.38 Detail of the camp

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