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Podemos young voters expectations for historical Spanish elections

Carlos is a 35-years-old from Madrid. After the economic crisis harshly hit his country and he lost his job, Carlos moved to Rome, Italy, to find better opportunities. Sunday December 20, political election day will take place in Spain and Carlos, who has not voted since the 2004 bombing attacks in the Atocha station, decided to fly back to vote for Podemos. Podemos is a political party founded less than two years ago, in which he deeply trusts. People in Madrid are divided in this voting as four strong candidates approach the elections. Rodrigo, Podemos activist and member of the municipal committee in Madrid, is convinced that thanks to Podemos, people will finally go back to trust politics and that's his own victory, beside the electoral results.

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Produced by Maria Vicari
Directed by Michele Aiello, Lorenzo Andraghetti
Video Language es
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Produced Dec 18, 2015
Published Dec 19, 2015
Distributor raw news

Full Description

00:00:01 - 00:01:47 Carlos talks about his personal story and his will to go back to Spain and vote: "My name is Carlos, I'm 35 and I am a topographical technician. I'm also a musician, I like music very much and now I'm living in Rome, I've changed my life because I lost my job in Spain and I'm trying to work here in Rome. Although I'm 35, I've only voted once in my life, since I turned 18. That was in 2004 exactly, a very bad time for Spain. I never felt that politicians represented me. I don't consider myself neither a left-winger nor a right-winger. As I said, when nobody represents you, you become disenchanted with politics. But then now there's somebody who represents me. So now, lots of things have changed and I really want to vote".

00:01:45 - 00:02:18 The city of Madrid, its beauty and its public spaces with political manifesto.

00:02:19 - 00:03:44 Rodrigo, historical militant of Podemos, explains his point of view just minutes before the closure of Podemos political campaign: "There were so many people who felt no interest for politics and public life. The 15M movement and los indignados played a powerful role for the re-politicizing of Spain and took different paths according to local issues they had to face. Podemos framed the general picture. Many people went back to trust in politics and in an active participation in public life".

00:03:45 - 00:04:33 Angel, Carlos' father, arrives at the airport to pick up his son and Dalila, Carlos' Italian girlfriend. Carlos and his father hug. "Hi dad, how are you? Guess what? YES we can, we can!! We're gonna see it. As a matter of fact politics got better, there is more transparency and the political discourse has changed. This level of public participation would have been unthinkable before. Politics has changed. Let's see what happens".

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