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Italians vote in key parliamentary elections
Italians have begun voting in crucial general elections as the country, one of Europe's biggest economies, battles recession and high unemployment. Four candidates are taking part in the first general election since former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, one of those standing, resigned in November last year after becoming embroiled in a series of scandals and escalating the country's debt crisis.
The Vatican issued on Friday a series of four interregnum postage stamps
The postal administration of the Vatican City State prepares and issues special postage stamps, marking the upcoming "sede vacante", to be used during the period that will precede the election of a new pope.
"Automatic excommunication" for Conclave tweeters
During the Conclave, cardinals will be forbidden to communicate with the world and to tweet. The penalty is excommunication.
ILVA Steel Factory – right to health or right to work? - Story Pitch
The steel factory in Taranto, the biggest in Europe, has run for the past 40 years violating all environmental laws. Based in a depressed area of Southern Italy, whose population has been affected by the highest rate of cancer in the country, the factory has been ordered to stop production by a Court. The factory closing will cost approximately 2000 workers their job, whilst if the production continues, the population of Taranto will continue to die of cancer.
Wreck still looms over Concordia anniversary
GIGLIO ISLAND, Italy – Two years after the Costa Concordia famously capsized off the Italian island of Giglio, authorities and locals remembered the 32 passengers who lost their lives in a somber commemoration ceremony. By Claudio Lavanga for Nbc News
Roman Numerals: Papal Canonization by the Numbers
Sunday’s unprecedented dual papal canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII will be historic, both for the institution of the Catholic Church and because of the event's sheer scale. Here’s a look at how the two late popes achieved sainthood – and how that honor will be celebrated – in numbers. Claudio Lavanga for NBC News , reports from Vatican City
Italy for sale -
Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country– and yet many of the iconic structures seem to be standing on their last leg. In recent years these precious landmarks are becoming more and more frequently rescued by private investors or foreign funds – raising questions if the crumbling empire of beautiful ruins is commercializing history?
Vaccinated to death
An investigation across developing countries and developed world, the denied access to preventative vaccines for the former, and the overexposure for the latter. Two different approaches for the same result: death. We investigate the connections between politics, pharma industries and illegal trafficking, and will report dramatic stories collected in the field. The report builds a database of causes, effects and testimonials that show how the way vaccines are administered today defies its very primary purpose: helping lifes.
Rome, interfaith dialog in the viewfinder of radical extremists.
While Rome prepares the capital for the Jubilee events, both catholics and muslims leaders in Rome are trying to calm down the cold war atmosphere between the Catholic and Muslim world in Italy, sparkled by the latest Paris attacks. In Rome, multiethnic high schools and some of the so called “moderated” Mosques are patrolled by italian army force, not due the fear of radical islamists inside, but instead, due to the risk that these places can be targeted because are centers of “Integration proselytism”. In Italy, the interfaith dialog is not only targeted by the islamic extremists but also, from the inside, by the the Right-wing extremists as last week’s arrests have showed. Both fronts seem to be working in parallel directions to gain the same result: interfaith hatred.