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Catalans celebrated an historic victory

Demanding Independence, on the day millions voted for it On Sunday night Catalans in Barcelona celebrated a symbolic, yet historic victory. Throughout the day, More than 2 million people answered two simple questions: Do you want Catalonia to become a state. And do you want the state to be independent? The vote was unofficial. But these Catalans hope THIS was a rehearsal for an independence referendum in the near future...

Video information
Produced by Marta Herrero
Directed by Claudio Lavanga, Federico Fornaro
Video Language en
Produced Nov 10, 2014
Published Nov 10, 2014
Production Company Al-Jazeera/Raw-News
Distributor Al-Jazeera

Full Description

1st VOX POP: “I am 80 years old and I have been fighting for independence all my life. I won’t see it, but I don’t care, my grandsons will.”

2nd VOX POP: “I consider myself both Catalan and Spanish. The Catalan government is teasing us. It cares more about dividing a nation than stop the cuts to the education or health system”.

MIGUEL-ANXO MURADO, POLITICAL ANALYST: "Catalonia already has considerable devolved powers so there's not really much to offer. On the other hand, nationalists in Catalonia have already visualized...they have seen the promised land so to speak so it will be very difficult now that they will content themselves with anything other than independence"

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