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Expo 2015 Opening ceremony with remarks by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

EXPO 2015 is officially open: remarks from Prime Minister Renzi show Italy’s pride in hosting EXPO. According to Renzi, this event must not only showcase how to feed the world, but also how to connect it. As the opening ceremony ends, the Frecce Tricolori fly over the crowd.

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Produced May 01, 2015
Published May 01, 2015
Production Company Raw News
Distributor Raw News

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Dope Sheet

Opening ceremony

Countries' flags

Pope Speaking


SOT ITALIAN 00:51 to end 01:35- Prime Minister Matteo Renzi- Italian-  "Today starts tomorrow, even with the contradiction of a world that needs energy but lives the unbalance of the people that are dying of hunger and people who eat too much or badly. Saying this means that politics must fight hunger,not only do small talks. For this reason, saying that today starts our tomorrow will be a way for politics to show it’s necessary, to the hearts and minds of italians, and of people everywhere.

SOT ITALIAN 01: 42 to end 2:19 - Prime Minister Matteo Renzi- Italian -Saying that today starts tomorrow for Italy and Milan must be a way for EXPO to show that it will do what has been created for. A space of freedom, for younger generations to connect, for all those who think about living only in traditions and memories. To all those, let's show that Italy is proud of its roots and tradition and that what we are most proud of, is what we’ll write together, starting from today.


SOT ITALIAN 02:40 - Prime Minister Matteo Renzi-Italian- I declare open Milan’s 2015 Universal Exposition"

Frecce Tricolori flying over the crowd.

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