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Graffiti depicts Pope Francis as superhero - RN Video Release

A Graffiti depicting Pope Francis as a superhero was found in a street near to the Vatican. The colourful artwork by roman artist Maupal shows the Argentinian Pontiff flying with his fist clenched forward like Superman. He wears a his trademark cassock and carries a briefcase bearing the word 'valores', Spanish for ‘values'. The Vatican gave an unexpected endorsement to the creative work by twitting a picture of it to its 84000 followers .

Video information
Produced by Malou Visco
Video Language en
Produced Jan 29, 2014
Published Jan 29, 2014
Distributor Raw-News

Full Description


  • Picture of the Graffiti in the roman street of Borgo Pio
  • Press and tourists taking photos of the Graffiti
  • SOT [ITALIAN] of the artist Mauro Pallotta: “This intuition came to me while I was looking at a comics book when the Pope appeared on the television. The connection was immediate, Pope...Superhero"
  • Set up shot of Mauro Pallotta
  • VOX [ITALIAN] old lady: "it is wonderful, congratulations to the artist”...”because this Pope attracts people, he is so popular”.
  • VOX [ITALIAN] Giovanna, shop owner : “everybody likes the image of the Pope and here he is even represented in a nice way” ..”it is meant to represent the values of Christianity I guess”
  • Set up shop owner.

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