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Mothers of mafia toxic waste victims meet Italian President - Video Release -

Thirteen mothers who claim their children died of cancer after being poisoned by tons of toxic waste dumped by the Camorra, as the Neapolitan mafia is called, were received by Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano on Wednesday. They represent 150 thousand mothers in the region who sent the President a postcard with their dead of cancer-striken child in the hope he would put an end to an environmental crime which has continued undisturbed for decades.

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Produced by Francesco Fedeli
Video Language it
Produced Jan 22, 2014
Published Jan 22, 2014
Production Company Raw-News
Distributor Raw-News

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Sixteen years ago Carmine Schiavone, a former mafia boss declared that tens of thousand of toxic waste has been buried in the countryside of Naples.

The farmlands around Naples, are contaminated from the Mafia's racket in disposing of toxic waste, mainly from north Italian industries that ask no questions about where their garbage goes. Dozens of area fields have been sequestered, after authorities found that decades of toxic waste dumping by the Camorra crime syndicate had poisoned the wells, tainting the water that irrigates crops with lead, arsenic and the industrial solvent tetrachloride.

Nowadays cancer rate in the area has peaked far beyond the average.


Doop sheet:

22/01/2014 - Rome  - ITA

- Mothers arriving at the Presidential palace

- Pictures of their cancer striken childs

- Sot 1st Mother - Pina Leanza: My daughter died at 6 almost 5 months ago, the 26th August of 2013. It started when she was two, she died at 6.... more then 4 years of medumablastoma infant.

- Sot 2nd Mother - Angelina Giulia : There are so many children of Giugliano that have been victim and ill with cancer. Thus is pointless to look for the connection between the disease and and the presence of toxic waste. In the last months the number of people dying raised.

- Sot 3dt Mother - Marzia Caccioppoli: we ask for justice and truth, this is why we here, because the president called for us, and we are glad that institutions gather awareness on the matter.

- pictures of exterior Presidential Palace

- 7 Nov 2013  Giugliano - Naples - ITA:

- Images of the abusive landfill an the lands used by camorra to bury chemical industrial waste.

- Rom children live and play on the contaminated land.

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