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Protests start the NO EXPO Five days of Milan

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On April 29th, a rally of activists and students took the street of Milan to start five days of demonstrations and sit-ins. The protesters are giving voice to their anger against EXPO's imminent opening. According to some of the demonstrators, the EXPO's organisation, already criticised for its corruption scandals, will not benefit Milan's citizens nor the millions of hungry people in the world, despite its theme of food and sustainability. This protest was the first of the so called "Five Days of Milan", title that recalls the namesake event of 1848 Italian Revolution's to gain independence and unite the country.

Video information
Produced by Virginia Vitalone
Video Language en
Produced Apr 29, 2015
Published Apr 30, 2015
Production Company Raw News
Distributor Raw News

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- demonstration

- close-up on the protest

- close-up on lefties political clubs's flags

- demonstration

- Sot - Italian - Student speaking: "Tomorrow, till May 2nd, we'll rally to say that the city belongs to its citizens, to the students, to the neighbourhoods. We'll say that EXPO is not an event for this city, nor for its citizens".

- Sot - Italian - Woman Protester- "EXPO had the ambition to nurture the planet and give energy fro life, but truly, it's only nurturing the multinationals who are definitely not respectful towards the planet"

- Sot - Italian - Male Protester  - "We  see an infinite number of people that live in extreme poverty. This event will not be the solution to a problem of such a global scale"

- Helicopter flighting over the demonstration

- Policemen with anti-gas masks

- protesters with smoke bombs

- Protesters singing Bella Ciao, iconic song of the Italian partisan resistance against Nazis

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