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From Sicily to Mantua: Raw-News’ insights on the migrants’ arrivals
Since the beginning of the Arab Spring in 2011, unprecedented numbers of migrants have started sailing from Libya to reach Europe and escape war, hunger and poverty. In the last few days, thousands of people have attempted to cross what is considered the most dangerous sea route for migrants, the Mediterranean. In 2015, almost 1,700 people have died on their trip to Europe. Thirty times more deaths than last year.
smoke bombs and tear gas. No Expo parade turns into a city war
Italian aviation's Frecce Tricolori flying over the crowd
Italian aviation's Frecce Tricolori flying over EXPO's opening ceremony
Italian aviation's Frecce Tricolori flying over EXPO's opening ceremony
Black Blocks gave fire to cars and destroyed shops and banks during the May Day No Expo Parade
a Kuwait pavilion's hostess in traditional attire
May 1: NO EXPO clashes overshadow EXPO’s opening
While the EXPO 2015's site was opening its gates for the first time, May Day No Expo parade turned into clashes between black blocks and police. Every year around the world, May Day brings protesters to the streets. In downtown Milan, May Day coincided with the third of five days of the NO EXPO movement’s protest which, unlike the first days of the movement’s actions, ended in violence.
Witnessing a migrants' rescue operation: our deployment to the Mediterranean
Good weather means calmer seas. As in the past years, when the summer comes, thousands of migrants undertake the dangerous, sometimes deadly trip that they hope will lead them to a better, safer life in Europe.
Rome mayor Marino overthrown by city councillors after withdrawing resignation
After weeks of meetings and political chaos, Ignazio Marino retracts his resignation
New Vatileaks scandal on its way as two Vatican insiders are arrested
Over the weekend, two people, a Spanish priest and an Italian public relations official were arrested over the suspicion of allegedly leaking classified documents from the Vatican.
This is Rouhani's first visit to Europe as president
Iran's president Rouhani visits Italy on his first official trip to Europe
President Rouhani will meet Italian authorities to discuss political, economic partnerships.
Colosseum to host a live show after 15 years
Medea's tragedy brings new live to the Colosseum.
Grexit: Athens asks for a referendum
Austerity measures or not? On July 5, Tsipras will ask Greek People to answer an important question.
Pope Francis visits the Holy Shroud
The Shroud of Turin is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man, believed by some Christians, to be Jesus of Nazareth.
President Putin to visit Expo and meet Renzi, Pope Francis
On June 9 and 10, President Putin will visit Italy, planning an intense agenda of meetings. The morning of June 10th, President Putin will visit Expo 2015's Russian Pavilion, along with Italian Premier Renzi. The occasion is the Universal Exposition's national Day of Russia.
Blog post: Ten days in Paris, four years in Syria
Ten days after the Paris attacks, we weight in the reasons behind such tragedy, reflecting on Syria and to what moves the Millennial generation. Raw-News producer Virginia Vitalone writes.
“Love over fear and hate”, says this card posted outside the Petit Cambodge Restaurant and Carillon bar on November 15. Lawrence Lagner/CNN iReport
The Invisibles: The case of underage migrants in Rome
Underage migrants are forced to live in holes, prostitute themselves and sell drugs to survive in Rome
US presidential candidate to visit Vatican on Friday
US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will speak at a Vatican conference, hopes to meet Pope Francis
Referendum over Italy's energy policy becomes a political challenge
​A referendum to shape Italy’s energy policy​ for the next decades will take place on Sunday April 17th.
Italy to start recovery operations of migrant bodies from Mediterranean shipwreck
A year after more than 800 migrants died after their ship capsized in the Mediterranean sea, experts are attempting to lift the shipwreck from the seabed to identify the bodies
"NO BORDERS" activists to demonstrate at the Turkey Embassy in Rome
After the protests at the Brenner and Idomeni, the "No Borders" activists will meet in Rome to protest the EU/Turkey deal
The Humanity of Amatrice - One week among the rubble
After the disastrous earthquake that shook several town in Central Italy and killed 296 people, producer Virginia "Vivi" Vitalone reflects on her deployment with Raw-News for NBC news.