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How it Works





Technical specifications


- Field setup: Our field crew already has all the encoding streaming software installed and configured on our laptop computers, so should you choose to book of our crew, no further steps are required. If instead you want to use a combination of your crew and our Live streaming system, we will provide your crew, at booking stage, with the encoding software and patch to be installed on any laptop (PC or Mac).  Also during the booking/Live process our desk is available 24/7 for monitoring and assistance.

- Field Internet connection: You can use any internet connection available in the field in order to stream a Live signal. A strong upload (firewall free) internet connection is required. Upload bandwidth capacity will influence the quality of the video signal. Our system uses the best streaming codecs available today on the streaming market, so quality and delay only depend on bandwidth capacity.

- Transmission hardware: On request, we can provide Bgan IP satellite system for areas where internet connection is poor or absent, or 4G connection system to operate in areas where mobile data coverage is guaranteed ( es. in cities and populated areas). Please ask our booking desk for costs and options.


Feel free to contact us for any technical information and to book a free test session.